Continuing Education for Dental Professionals in Greater Palm Beach County


As an associate member, each year I audit several courses.  Each time I go back home with valuable information and ideas I can use in my practice.

For a dentist visiting south Florida from Canada, it is a great way to get relevant continuing education, get CE credits or hours and write off part of the trip!

Irwin Kreisman, DDS

The ACDRC offers a local dentist, graduate school education and teacher/speaker development opportunity.

The course work offers me an opportunuty to re-examine what I am doing in my practice.

I would refer a colleague to the ACDRC because it’s the best buy in dental continuing education.

Robert Gozauskas, DDS

I have had the privilege to be a member of the Atlantic Coast Dental Research Clinic for almost two decades.  During that time, I have been able to learn many aspects of general dentistry that I wasn’t taught in dental schools.

It has given me the opportunity to make friends, learn from colleagues that are experts in their field, and keep up with all the latest advances in dentistry.

The research clinic has made me more knowledgeable and more confident in my ability to provide the best care available for my patients.

The icing on the cake is the fact that it is local, I don’t have any travel expenses, the courses are accredited and the membership fees are so low they are a steal.

I highly recommend the Atlantic Coast Dental Research Clinic to all my colleagues.

Carlos Boudet, DDS

For me, the real question is not who would want to take courses at ACDRC, the only question is who wouldn’t? The ACDRC is an incredible resource right here in our backyard.

The ability to treat patients is a rare opportunity in continuing education, which when done elsewhere is usually over a short time period, requiring travel and high tuition costs. With great courses, terrific instructors and a wide selection of varied courses, it really is a no-brainer.

With the increasing speed of innovation in our field, it becomes necessary for all of us to dedicate more time to continuing education, not because of our requirements, but because we need to keep up.

I have taken at least one course a year for over fifteen years and enjoy not only learning but also the camaraderie of working through problems with colleagues. The friendships that develop through these courses is an extra plus.

Your best interest is always in yourself and your education. I encourage you to take advantage of this institution.

David Meeker, DDS

The Atlantic Coast Dental Research Clinic has offered me a wonderful opportunity and experience to further my knowledge with the new challenges in dentistry today.

Dr. Elizabeth Keith

I first started attending the Atlantic Coast Research Clinic in 1986. Each year that I attended, a course gave me a new perspective on the techniques we use to serve our patient’s needs.

The instructors give 100% of themselves to make your continuing education experience a very worthwhile one.

Sign up today to get world class instruction for a minimal investment of time and money.

Dr. Steven Miller, Wellington