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Combined Course of Everyday Dentistry and Medications in a Nutshell

We live in an area where so many of our patients take multiple medications everyday.  We need to know about them.  This course will discuss the medications that our patients take everyday, including ones we prescribe as well as their physician.
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Chairman Dr. Paul E. Klein

Modern Dental Office Technologies

The focus of this course will be what’s new and exciting in the dental office in the world of technology,

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Chairman:  Dr. Andrew Sauchelli

Craniofacial Pain and Dysfunctions

This is a hands-on course that is designed to introduce the participant to the field of pain and dysfunctions in the craniofacial regions. It discusses anatomical and biomechanical considerations as well as evaluation and management of TMJ disorders, myofascial pain dysfunctions and dental sleep breathing disorders. Topics such as atypical toothache, atypical facial pain, TMJ disorders, snoring and obstuctive sleep apnea will be presented.Read full course description
Chairman Dr. Reda A. Abdel-Fattah

Contemporary Orthodontics

This lecture only course will provide the general dentist with overview of contemporary orthodontics. Treatment goals and options for ideal occlusion, dental esthetics and facial esthetics will be discussed. There will be an opportunity for the general dentist to present their patients for treatment planning and guidance. Read full course description
Chairman Dr. Randal C.  Shults

Contemporary Endodontics:  From Diagnosis to Present Day Modalities of Treatment and Beyond

This Endodontic course will start off with a review of diagnosis and clinical testing.  Endodontic anatomy and case selection will be examined.  This course will place an emphasis on performing predictable endodontic therapy using systems and material that will enhance endodontic results.  During the course Practioners will be introduced to new techniques and the equpment available to assist them with their endodontic treatments. Read full course description
Chairman:  Dr. Allan Moskow

Implants: Placement and Restoration

The lectures will include restoring a single implant to reconstruction of the edentulous arch. The focus of the course will be clinical dentistry. In addition, the lectures and slides will include some practical dentistry, and some of the discussion will not involve implants. It will include discussion of practical fixed and removable prosthetics. Read full course description
Chairman Dr. Roy Blake

Clinical Excellence in Comprehensive Dentistry

With new technology and an abundant opportunity of CE courses all over the world, general dentists are expanding their knowledge, skills, and services offered to their patients at an accelerated pace. We will be utilizing the knowledge and assistance of many specialists and speakers on the many different topics in General Dentistry. Every case and topic provided is to show how to best achieve an aesthetic and functionally pleasing result. Read full course description
Chairman Dr. Farokh Jiveh

Oral Implantology

The Oral Implantology program is a comprehensive three year course consisting of a one year prosthetic and two year surgical residency. There are 21 full days of instruction consisting of a morning didactic seminar and an afternoon clinical session where the general dentist or specialist can gain experience performing surgical or prosthetic procedures on patients. It is patterned after the AAID Maxicourse. Read full course description
Chairman Dr. Robert Miller, M.A., D.D.S., FACD, DABOI, HFAAID, FAO

Oral Surgery in the Dental Practice

The objective of this course is to provide the individual dentist the basic skills required to be competent in medical evaluation of the dental patient, management of minor complications, and diagnosis of the patient’s oral surgical needs, oral surgical treatment planning and the performance and/or proper referral.  Each student will gain the knowledge and confidence to manage the complex medical and dental needs of his/her patients that occur in the daily practice of dentistry. Read full course description
Chairman  Christian Rouleau D.M.D., MD

Periodontal Esthetics & Regeneration

Our program focuses on the multi-dimensional aspects of periodontal esthetics and regeneration and their closse associations with a variety of dental disciplines.  We have assembled a group of lecturers who will present programs unique to their special interests in creating optimal periodontal esthetics, facial esthetics, periodontal regeneration, orthodontics, maxillofacial surgery, occlusion and advanced restorative dentistry.  We also invite your participation in a special symposium on the Surgical and Restorative Criteria for Placement of Implants in the Esthetic Zone.  The clinical sessions further assist the development of diagnostic and surgical skills.  We invite your participation in our programPeriodontal Esthetics and Regeneration.  Read full course description
Chairman Dr. Stuart Feldman

Successful Removable Prosthetics

This course will emphasize the steps required and the procedures to follow to provide successful, functional, and esthetic complete dentures and removable partial dentures in the general dental office for the easy and demanding dental patient. Consideration will be given to time saving techniques, and optimal methods, to achieve predictable results which will please the denture patient and extend the skills of the dentist. Read full course description
Chairman Dr. Ronald M.  Fisher

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