New Era in General Dentistry

Chairman:Dr. Farokh Jiveh

Dr. Farokh Jiveh

Dr. Jiveh was one of the top graduates from medical College of Virginia Class of 1994 and went on to complete 2 years of post graduate on Advanced Education in General Dentistry UCSF,  He is the past president of Central Palm County Dental Association and holds many distinguished memberships such as the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.  Dr. jiveh has been pursuing his education in cosmetic and implant dentistry since starting his practice in 2000.  he completed the Master’s level with the Rosenthal Institute in 2005 and is the past instructor and the Program Director for California Center for Advanced dental Studies for South Florida.  Dr. Jifeh is also a national speaker for Straumann North America.


Course Description

With new technology and an abundant opportunity of CE courses all over the world, general dentists are expanding their knowledge, skills, and services offered to their patients at an accelerated pace. We will be utilizing the knowledge and assistance of many specialists and speakers on the many different topics in General Dentistry. Every case and topic provided is to show how to best achieve an aesthetic and functionally pleasing result. We will learn from our guest lecturers what cases to refer and which cases to treat depending on your skill level. This course will also provide a combined symposium of GPs and specialists to discuss completed, on-going, and new planning for the treatment of complex cases.

Under special circumstances and patients fitting the criteria, you will be able to place implants and immediately load and place provisional.  You will also be able to either bring your own patients or from the clinic place indirect upper porcelain veneers or crowns depending on the case.

The highlight of the course will be an introduction to an all digital delivery system for dental implants.  With this method we will learn how to plan, place, and take impressions by all digital means which is the latest in advancements in dental implants in the world!

With an educated population demanding the best in cosmetics, this course will attempt to show functional success for all aesthetically driven case. We will attempt to describe what an amazing time it is to be a General Dentist and show how to provide “complete” dentistry and perform a vast range of cosmetic techniques and procedures from direct to indirect restorations, dental implants, and how to market your practice most effectively. This class will attempt to elevate your skills in providing the best service possible to our patients and at the same time reduce stress, increase productivity, and create an opportunity and possibility to have an incredibly successful practice!

Course Director’s Note:   My attempt in designing this course has been to heighten the skills and knowledge of the GPs and elevate their practice to the next level.  All of us are at a different skill level at our practices and will be able to share the pearls that make us successful.  The nature of the 7 classes have been planned and designed with GPs in mind and are intended for the ever-evolving subjects and procedures at our practices such as dental implants and cosmetic dentistry and most importantly how all implant cases are “restorative driven”.  Due to the diversity of the lectures and only having three dental implant lectures, the PM clinics are only reserved for cosmetic and restorative dentistry. I will be sharing the highest standard of care for reaching optimum results, utilizing the latest materials and finest dental laboratories in the country for our clinical patients.  It has been estimated that the value of these classes outside the research clinic is over twenty thousand dollars and I am hoping many doctors in the area will take advantage of this great opportunity.

During the year I will be looking for ways to evolve the course for the future as well.  Looking forward to an exciting year!  Please feel free to contact me if you may have any suggestions or questions regarding the classes.

Dr. Farokh Jiveh
Office ph: 561-798-9997

Oct. 24th –  (AM/PM Lecture only)  Cosmetic Dentistry: How to Envision all Functional Cases Aesthetically, Clinical Hands-On Dental Photography

  • Welcome
  • Course description
  • Smile Design and generating and planning all functional cases cosmetically
  • Direct/Indirect composite
  • Where to start on any given patient, simple or complex
  • Veneer preparation for simple cases
  • Provisional
  • Laboratory communication
  • Cementation
  • Sample treatment and completions
  • Digital photography and how to communicate that to the lab
  • Hands-on Dental photography

***Please note, this day is AM Lecture and PM Hands-on photography.  You may bring your DSLR camera/flash.  If you don’t have one, one will be provided.

Nov., 21st – (AM Lecture/PM Clinic) Demystifying Occlusion – Dr. Thomas Dwork (Co-Chairman, Prosthodontist)

  • CR
  • VDO
  • Envelope of Function
  • Historical Background
  • General Concepts

Dec. 19th (AM at Dr. Jiveh’s office/PM Lecture)  New Patient Experience

  • Concept of “Complete Exam” for comprehensive Treatment Planning
  • Case Presentation
  • Introduction to Keynote
  • Portrait Photography

Jan. 16th – (AM Lecture/PM Clinic)  Anterior Esthetics and Latest Periodontal Concepts – Dr. Stuart Feldman, Periodontist

  • How to best obtain an accurate representation of the soft tissue with dental implants in the Smile Zone
  • How to guide the soft tissue by the provisional to create life-like results
  • Factors associated with failure and success in the esthetic zone
  • Different techniques in impressions and abutments use for cosmetic success of implants in the esthetic zone
  • Sample treatment plans and completions

Feb., 20th – (AM Lecture/PM Clinic)  Implant Dentistry, Planning, Placement and Restoring by all Digital Means – Dr. David Feinerman (Oral Surgeon)

  • Planning and Restoring Advanced Dental implants with 3D imaging
  • Understanding CT, CBCT scans
  • A complete guide to an all digital implant delivery system
  • Treatment plan, diagnose, and utilize 3D imaging
  • Utilizing CAD/CAM technology in your practice
  • Sample treatment plans and completions

Mar., 27th (AM Lecture/PM Clinic) Success in Marketing – Dr. Michael Barr, Co-Chairman

  • External Vs. Internal marketing
  • Utilizing your team as a key to a successful marketing
  • The best way to brand yourself
  • Utilizing digital photography as a key to a successful marketing
  • Best way to utilize the media, Internet, and the social networking web sites
  • How to google-proof you web site
  • How to initiate, create, and integrate a digital and paperless dental office

Apr., 17th – (AM Lecture/PM Clinic)  Treatment Planning of Complex Cases and Pearls! – Dr. Jiveh, Dr. Dwork, Dr. Barr

  • Treatment Planning of Complex Cases
  • Where to start and how to finish the cases
  • Pearls in your Practice


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