Medications In a Nutshell


Paul E. Klein, D.D.S., M.Ed., FAGD

Dr. Paul Klein received his Bachelors of Science in 1969 from the University of
Florida, his Masters in Education in 1971 from the University of Miami and his D.D.S. form Meharry Medical College in 1975.  Dr. Klein has been practicing general dentistry in Boynton Beach for over 40 years. He is a member and a Fellow of both the Academy of General Dentistry and American College of Dentists.  He has served four times as President of the Atlantic Coast Dental Research Clinic.  Dr. Klein has lectured extensively on the subject of Cosmetic and Adhesive Dentistry for over 35 years and dental pharmacology for over 11 years.  For the past 11 years, Dr. Klein has been an Adjunct Professor of Dental Pharmacology at Palm Beach State College in the Department of Dental Hygiene.


We live in an area where so many of our patients take multiple medications everyday, both physician prescribed and OTC.  We need to know about them. In this course, we will discuss why our patients might be taking a particular medication, potential drug interactions with dental medication and oral manifestations associated with those medications.  There will also be special attention given to the prescription and OTC drugs we can use to manage our patient’s oral hard and soft tissue diseases, current recommendations for sub-acute bacterial endocarditis and orthopedic prosthesis prophylaxis and the current medications and recommendations for our patients taking anti-resorptive medications.

What other dentists have said about this course:

I highly recommend Dr. Klein’s course to anyone interested in improving their knowledge in commonly used medications.  The value of the information gained is priceless considering the time invested in the research and the clear, organized and interactive presentations.  The knowledge gained is essential in order to provide excellent care for our patients.
Dr. Tom Fraser

Thanks for keeping up with the latest in Pharmacology.  Even as a former nurse, I thought that I had a decent understanding of Medications.  But, it seems impossible to keep up with the newer meds.  The research you’ve done has helped me “cut to the chase” and saved me time searching in order to keep up!  You’ve taken a dry subject and made it really fun to learn about.  i will ceratinly use the handouts for future reference.
Dr. Amanda Faigen

This course is a must.  With the constant changes in pharmacology and the constant release of new medications it is important to stay up to date.  The course also provides current knowledge in the treatment of minor oral lesions.  Every class provides immediate walk out useful information.
Dr. Allan Zerulik

I just wanted to thank you for the course.  As always you were prepared with great notes and in depth coverage of drugs out patients use and possible reactions.  This is a course every dentist should highly consider taking.
Dr. Jeffrey Ginsberg

Like everyone else, i take many continuing education classes.  Most of the time it is a gamble whether I walk away with any information (pearls) to use in my practice.  When I take a class instructed by Dr. Klein, i know I will walk away with information that I can use on a daily basis.  His medication course was informative and entertaining.  I highly recommend it!
Dr. Linda A. Holliday

As a general dentist and knowing that my personal knowledge of pharmacology was lacking due to having taken insufficient continuing education on the subject, I enrolled in Dr. Klein’s course.  It met all of my very high expectations and more.  I highly recommend this course for GP’s and specialists alike!
Dr. Ken Begnoche

What a great review of Pharmacology with only the pertinent medicines.  Dr. Klein took out all of the fillers and presented only the real SH*T
Dr. Kathy Tumminia

Given the variety of physician-prescribed medications our patients take daily, Dr. Klein’s in-depth course is a great benefit to insure our patients’ safety.  Our awareness of drug interactions and contraindications reinforces the value of Dr. Klein’s course.
Dr. Douglas N. Abaid, D.D.S.


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